Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About a Kitchen Chimney

Kitchen chimney design

The heart of any home is its kitchen. Other than cooking it is the melting pot of fun, food and laughter. Kitchen space ought to be squeaky clean and functional all the time because your kitchen deserves your attention more than anything else. Kitchen appliances make the kitchen work joyful, quick and easy, one such appliance that holds the crown among all is the kitchen chimney. Much like a dishwasher, built-in oven, microwave, etc., having a kitchen chimney is yet another extremely essential need of the modern-day. Also, with the birth of the modular kitchen, kitchen chimney is an ultimate appliance that resonates with the new kitchen style. So what are the advantages of the kitchen chimney, let’s read further to know.

Stain-Free Tiles

Do tiles in your kitchen fascinate you to no extent? Are you very particular about a squeaky clean kitchen? That means you certainly wish for grease-free and smokeless kitchen. This is where kitchen chimney comes into the picture. Your kitchen tiles are shielded by an electric chimney from the gases that come up when cooking food. These fumes make tiles sticky and filthy over time. Not just the tiles, even the floor is not spared. Moreover, since Indian cuisine requires cooking with a range of spices and lots of oil, so there’s a high possibility that the kitchen tiles would get dirtier. The best kitchen chimney would instantly suck in all the fumes and oil to keep your kitchen floor, tiles, and cabinets non-sticky in the long run.

Spotless Walls

You must have noticed that without kitchen chimney,  your kitchen walls get very dull and gloomy in appearance. It is very unhygienic to have dirty and greasy walls where you cook your food. The main cause of stained walls in kitchen is the smoke, tar and heat that is released during cooking sessions. However, your kitchen walls will stay stain-free with the kitchen chimney as it will suck the smoke and keep the kitchen wall spotless.

Odour-Free Kitchen

When you prepare something sumptuous in the kitchen, the scent of the food mostly makes your mouth water. Any kind of foul smell in the kitchen is unacceptable. Let’s face it though, after a certain amount of time, most of us would want our kitchen to be free of any odour—good or bad. Still, over a prolonged period of time, the scent lingers in the kitchen after frying. A kitchen chimney addresses this problem in the single click of a button. At aks, we offer kitchen chimneys in two primary styles being the wall-mounted chimney, island chimney in a variety of designs as per your needs and taste. 

Best kitchen chimney

Reduces Heat & Temperature

One of the main purposes of a kitchen chimney is reducing the heat and temperature to make cooking easier and more comfortable. By continuously sucking in all the heat as you cook, it keeps the overall temperature in control while purifying the air. Best Chimney design plays an important role in reducing heat at your kitchen. You can pick from an array of modern and hi-tech kitchen chimneys in your desired specifications by aks kitchen solutions. Kitchen chimneys are undoubtedly a frontrunner among kitchen appliances.

Turns on the Style

Kitchen chimneys add a stylish flair to your kitchen space. Giving a modern look and feel to your kitchen, a kitchen chimney will be the most stylish addition to your kitchen space. Your kitchen room will appear more elegant with a sleek and classy looking kitchen chimney. After the installation of this appliance, the entire experience of your kitchen will change leaps and bounds. 

A kitchen chimney is easily accessible with the press of a button. The strong suction power sucks out the grease, smoke, and fumes when turned on, making the kitchen smoke-free. To keep the air fresh, the elements that are sucked out are either expelled through a vent from the kitchen or recirculated. It can be a challenging task to choose the right kitchen chimney design simply because of the abundance of choices available in terms of filters, styles and prices. 

Kitchen Chimney truly completes your kitchen. Install them in your kitchen to make cooking stress-free and wonderful experience.  After all, a kitchen is where everything blends together to create an awe-inspiring time with your near and dear ones. Cooking sessions are relatively enhanced to a different level with kitchen chimney in your kitchen.

Pick your perfect chimney from a wide range of kitchen chimney design from aks. To know more, get in touch.


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