aks - an exception to ordinary!

Our comprehensive range of stainless steel fittings match the architectural vision for commercial and residential needs. Each and every product of our offering is unique and assured with durability and high quality. We adhere to the highest technological standards and are devoted to delivering both trust and excellence.

High Strength

All the product categories of AKS possess high strength and withstand temperature changes. Inspite of frequent uses, they don’t get broken easily, claiming long shelf life and its usage.

Corrosion resistance

Whether it’s locks, hinges, bolts or lever handles, standardised manufacturing process is applied for all. We use authentic additives and quality approved stainless steel from the genuine vendors of the industry keeping corrosion problems at bay.


All our products, be it related to glassware, locking solutions and window & door fittings enhance user experience as they are convenient to use. They can be operated safely and enhance the touch of aesthetic appeal.

Match trends

Being a customer-centric company, all our products undergo positive transformation from time to time to match the pace with the changing requirements of consumers, be it related to size, shape, contemporary patterns or finishes.

Standardized manufacturing process

Using modern technologies, we produce quality products that fit with dimensional accuracy. It also incorporates amazing designs that enhance the aesthetics of spaces.

Our Infrastructure