Change is the reflection of better tomorrow

Doors and Windows allow us to look at the outside world. At the same time, they give an opportunity to the world to look inside our homes. Times are changing, and today consumers prefer to have doors and windows that are artistically designed and highlight the taste of more beautiful things and feeling of security in life.
Apart from the better living and artistically designed Doors and Windows, safety in our homes and offices are still the priority.
aks, Doors and Window Fittings offer a combination of safety and premiumisation which provides consumers with an aesthetic appeal and the desired strength to the Doors and Windows Fittings. From hinges to latches and from door stoppers to handles, our product is a beautiful combination of metal science and design.

Our Vision

“ To make life better by crafting innovative and smart solutions.”

Our Mission

“To create a diverse range of smartly-designed and smoothly-functional solutions of high quality for our consumers.