How to Plan a Kitchen: Kitchen Layout and Designs


Planning a Kitchen, choosing a kitchen layout and renovating your old Kitchen can be both easy and tough at the same time. Easy when you know what exactly you want and tough when you don’t. Kitchen is truly one of the spaces where you spend good quality time cooking, baking and fulfilling your cravings. And it is no doubt that one wants a flawless Kitchen which they can use to spend time making different delicacies. Though one always wants a big, spacious Kitchen but budget and space constraints can limit you from having one.

For people wanting a gorgeous kitchen within the available space and budget. Go through the following points and steps and get instructions on how you can set the kitchen of your dreams.

  1.   Have a look around your Existing Kitchen

When you first think of renovating your kitchen, you need to access all your needs. Look around your kitchen and look at the pre-existing model. Look for items you want to throw and you need to keep. Look for cabinets and how big or small you want them to be. Whether you want a kitchen just for cooking or you are looking for an open plan where you can make a dining corner as well. Though your interest can be anything, but an open plan looks way too good for a Kitchen. The Kitchen looks spacious and there will be a lot of open space to accommodate several people at a single moment.  Also access whether you need a bigger kitchen or the existing one is okay for you. Access everything and anything  in your kitchen.

  1.   Know about all the electricity and plumbing options

Your Kitchen needs electricity and water throughout. And  you need to think about all the connections that are needed  prior to the renovation. All the circuits and connections should be checked beforehand. Look for other options where you might need connections. Also look for plumbing options. Whether you need a geyser in your kitchen or not. Look for options on how you can set the sink. If you need a big sink, a smaller one, or 2 sinks or just a single one, you need to examine all your electricity and plumbing needs.

  1.   Look for storage options

Storage cabinets, cupboards and drawers are the main things, a kitchen needs. You need to set space for storing purposes for vegetables, fruits, utensils and other items. Set aside ample amount of space for storage purposes as you won’t know whether you might need more storage space in the future. Make the best use of the kitchen space.

Storage Cabinets


  1.   Set your Budget

Thinking of ideas for kitchen is important, but setting your budget is of utmost importance. No one wants to keep on implementing new decorative ideas into their kitchen without planning their budget. You need to set a budget so that you’ll be able to fulfill your needs and desires of a beautiful Kitchen within it. Once you set a budget, you can buy accessories you want, think of other ideas you can manage to get in the same budget.


  1.   Select your Kitchen Layout

After setting your  budget and deciding how big or small a kitchen you want, whether you want it just for cooking purposes or you need a dining corner as well, your next task is to look for a kitchen layout that facilitates all your needs. There are several different types of Kitchen Layout present :

  • One-walled Modular Kitchen

Single walled kitchen

  • L-shaped Modular Kitchen


  • U-shaped Modular Kitchen

U SHAPED Kitchen


  • Gallery or Parallel Modular Kitchen

Parallel Shape


  • Peninsula or G-shaped Modular Kitchen


  1.   Think of Decorative Ideas

Once you are done with looking for options about how big or small a kitchen you want, where all you want the electricity connections to be given, where do you want the cupboards to be and how much of the space should the cabinets occupy. The next thing is to look for decorative ideas on how you can make your kitchen beautiful. Look for ideas online, in magazines and your own imagination. You can use fancy lights in your kitchen which will add dimensions. You can add portrait in your kitchen. A kitchen with a bright and subtle colored wall is a plus. You can even add small plants that look decorative. You can also go for hanging lights. They look warm and add rustic touch your Kitchen.

  1.   Add new Kitchen Accessories

What is a kitchen without beautiful accessories. There is a whole list of kitchen accessories in the market that are available. These accessories can be electric appliances or any other decorative utensil or just a showpiece. Plan a theme for your kitchen. Your theme can be rustic, sunny, cool, warm, or retro. You can plan a theme of your own. Choose accessories that suit your style and complements your Kitchen. Below is a list of new kitchen accessories in the market.Kitchen Accessories

  •  Hand Printed Kitchen Accessories
  •  Pine Cone Kitchen Accessories
  •  Electronic Fryer
  •  Toaster Boiler Kitchen Appliance
  •  Beach Theme Kitchen Accessories
  •  Retro Kitchen Accessories
  •  Turquoise Kitchen Utensils
  •  Rooster Kitchen Accessories
  •  Copper Kitchen Accessories


  1.   Hire a Kitchen Designer

Once you are done following all the above steps, the last and final thing to do is look for Kitchen Designers or companies who install and who can renovate your kitchen. Hire professionals who will give you tips and instructions on how they can add value to your Kitchen. The fact that your money is being spent, the purpose is to spend it at the right place. Kitchen Designers give you feedback on how you can change your kitchen better and will help you fulfill your dream kitchen in the set budget and space. There are also companies who provide customers with a full renovated kitchen without much disturbing their client.

  1.   Add the Final Finish

Just before your kitchen is going to get renovated, you need to go through each of the sections – from decorative part to storage part. You need to check everything so that you are not stuck at the end not knowing how to fix the new change. Go through everything beforehand and get yourself for your dream Kitchen.


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