How to make the right choice of door locks

Door locks are the most important aspect of home security yet one of the most underrated. The general public uses them every day but don’t pay much attention to the detailed aspect of any door lock. Majority of them just go to the shop and buy door locks without much brainstorming or research on what could be the best choice that works in real-time. Door locks get overlooked when compared to other essential parts of our daily lives. Because door locks aren’t that noticeable like surveillance cameras or things like that. Perhaps, the reason why it goes unnoticed by people. 

Just imagine, it will be so easy for theft if the door locks are not good enough to withstand the trickery of burglars, intruders, etc. It will wreak havoc on your safety and all your valuables will be stolen in a matter of minutes. Do you ever want to face something like that? Or are you ready to face the aftermath? Then take out some time and read how sturdy, strong and smart locks by aks can change your outlook of door locks. Plus, door locks company in India offer numerous products of high quality. So if you’re looking for a more secure and trustable door lock then you get a lot of great options by aks. Some of them are: 


Mortise Locks

Mortise Locks are a type of lockset widely popular. Reliable and robust Mortise Locks are made with many different components including Lever Handles, Lock Bodies and Euro Profile Cylinders. It fits perfectly on both sides of the door from the inside and outside. Let’s know more about them separately:

  • Lever Handles

lever handles

Lever handles make your door iconic in stature. They add class, style and a strong style statement for sure. And when it comes to doors, then Lever Handles by aks is not-to-be-missed. We offer more than 50 kinds of Lever Handles to choose from. As they have a wide push down type handle rather than a knob that one must grip and spin, they are easier to unlock than knob locks. Sometimes, essential Lever Handles are used where handicap accessibility is necessary.

Depending on your choices and suitability, you can pick which works for you exceptionally well. aks, one of the leading door locks company in India perfectly fits what you’re looking for. 

  • Lock Bodies

Lock body

Lock Bodies are the vital part of the Mortise Lock which fits within the door. However, you can’t know the capacity of the lock without using it. So how do you make the right decision the very first time? It can be done by asking about the features of door locks from where you’re buying. Lock Bodies must have the qualities of being anti-drill, anti-corrosion and anti-scratch. Better ask or look for features yourself before making a buying decision. In the case of lock bodies, aks is the best that you can get. From different variants, you can choose that suits the requirements. 

  • Euro Profile Cylinders

euro profile

A Euro Profile Cylinders are used in conjunction with a mortise lock case.

They come in many varieties like both side ultra key, one side knob, one side coin, half-cylinder ultra key, etc. 

The lengths of the external (and optionally internal) differ, but the remaining measurements are reasonably common. A single screw that passes across the centre of the cylinder in most applications is kept in place by Euro profile cylinders. Many options are available for these sturdy locking solutions by aks-a door locks company in India. 



The only kind of lock that is usually not firmly connected to something else is a padlock. Padlocks come in several shapes, are free standing and compact, and are one of the lock styles that are most readily identifiable. There are two major types of padlocks: fused and keyed. There are one or two number dials for combination locks that unlock the lock when the right combination is inserted. There are several options for keyed padlocks to consider. Discover them all in brass and stainless steel padlocks by aks

Multipurpose Locks


Multipurpose Locks are used in drawers, cupboards and other types of furniture. They are smooth in functionality and strong for what it is meant to be. These locks are available at aks with a unique style and aesthetic design. They come in a variety of size and shapes and designs. Explore the kind you would love to have with aks- one of the leading door locks company in India.

RIM Locks 

rim locks

On commercial doors, entrance glass doors, and certain apartment doors, RIM cylinder locks are commonly seen. Although rim locks are somewhat similar to mortise locks, the real hardware on which they are found varies considerably. For rim latch locks that are placed on the inside of the frame, rim cylinder locks are commonly used. Rim cylinder locks often have a long piece of metal running through a locking mechanism on the opposite side of the door from the rear of the bolt that extends into the door. Rim Locks are also known with the name of Night Latches.


There are many door locks company in India but few really practice what they preach. When it comes to that, aks leads the way. 



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