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Hinges Steel

The hinge has been in existence since a long long time. Centuries ago, people made hinges of wood and leather. As per the modern understanding, it’s a joint that enables seamless swing of two adjoined elements. Those elements can be doors, windows, cabinets, briefcase etc. The list is endless. We can say that most of the things one can imagine hinges on hinges. Although, it allows limited movement on one plane about the central axis still the support is an indispensable part of the most functions of our daily lives. We overlook its undeniable importance but any hinge is just silently doing the work in everyday lives. Say for example, when we open the door or close it, the smooth movement is supported by hinges. 

Hinges are made from different materials like stainless steel, copper, brass and other. Depending on the kind of motion of one part relative to the other, hinges are used accordingly. Most of the door hinges allow movement through a restricted arc. However, a few designs also provide a 360-degree rotation. You need some forethought to select efficient and effective hinges. For example, if hinges of your car door work ineffectively then it might be difficult to open the door. From doors, cabinets, gates, to hinges windows and more, hinges the power behind the basic structural function. Free movement of two adjoined elements is due to the support and flexibility of hinges. It helps for the seamless motion of doors or other specific objects for which hinges are widely used. Hinges manufacturer keep it in mind. However, there are few things you need to consider while buying hinges from hinges company, they are:


In what sort of setting is the hinge going to be used? You can choose a hinge made of a rust-resistant material if you want to use it outdoors or in other humid conditions. Stainless steel hinges are a common option because, when used in a humid climate, they do not succumb to rust, unlike most metals. 


Choosing the right size is something one must never forget. Be very specific about width and height of hinge as well as knuckle length. The hinge of your choice must correspond to your need. It’s completely need-based stuff. And that’s why aks brings you an array of hinges to fit the objects where you want to use it. Hinges like Four-Ball Bearing Hinges, Double ball bearing hinges, flush hinges, parliamentary moon type hinges, lorry hinges, supreme heavy pin butt hinges, seamless (railway) hinges, granite hinges, stone hinges, stone double flap hinges, seamless W hinges, seamless L hinges, supreme heavy riveted butt hinges, supreme medium riveted butt hinges, narrow flap hinges and unequal flap(cut) hinges.

Fastener Holes

Always check out the number of fastener holes a hinge has and also their position. Typically, in a butt hinge, there are four to six fastener holes which work well for most of the application. But depending on the usage, the fastener holes can go any number of times to give the connected elements proper support. It creates a strong junction where the objects are adjoined. 

Hinges Steel


Power, when selecting a hinge, is something else to remember. If you plan to use the hinge to attach heavy objects, you would need to pick a material that can handle the weight of the objects. For high-stress applications like this, heavy-duty hinges door closer are specially made. To have a superior degree of strength relative to other hinges, they are typically made of heavy stainless steel. One of the important things that hinges manufacturer in India keep in mind.


Door hinges are available in several materials, with stainless steel, brass, copper, bronze, cast iron, and pewter being the most common. The material that you need will determine where the door is located. For example, for its corrosion-resistant properties, you can opt for stainless on an exterior door. In bronze or cast iron, strap hinges are popular, as both materials are very stiff and suitable for large, heavy doors. Be it any kind of door and window, a wide range of smart and sturdy hinges by aks is the best you can get. Assuring consistent quality in hinges, it understands your pain-points. We maintain consistent quality as a hinges manufacturer.


Although functionality takes precedence, it is also important to provide colour and style. A wide variety of finishes, such as polished and antique brass are available for hinges. Likewise, hinges are also available in several different styles. You will learn that hinges come in various shapes and sizes from the leading hinges company in India. And some will even have ornate designs etched into the leaves and knuckles of the hinge. 

Combining all these functions, aks brings you the best that your hinge can be. With aesthetic style, strong support and hinges made of reliable material, hinges by aks last longer than you would ever expect. Our cutting-edge manufacturing unit makes hinges of all kind. aks is one of the leading hinges manufacturer in India. We have been into this business as hinges company for more than two decades and have been delivering consistent quality since. Want to have our cutting edge hinges at your location, get in touch.

We manufacture seamless hinges that function smoothly and last a lifetime. Visit aks to explore our flawless range of hinges.



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